Thursday, February 4, 2010

WOW... Im so excited I just had to share a new flowering bush for the spring and summer!! Its the new Lilac the reblooms!! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers.. they smell so good and bring back such happy memories... of spring and youth...!!! Its called the Bloomerang.. It flowers in May with heavy clusters of purple pink sweetly scented blooms!! It continues reblooming until the first frost!!! Wow.. move over butterfly bush!! :) They are great for cutting because the blooms are so abundant!! Since they are brand new they are a little expensive right now... one small plant sells for $19.95 .... you can order them through White Flower Farm!! (If you cant wait a couple of years before the price goes down)!!!!

As most of you know we have a new addition the family her name is Ellie and she is a sweet little chug!!! I snapped a photo of her admiring a rose!!!


  1. Hi Beth - Love the puppy - adorable - good to know about the lilac such fragarent shrubs! Hope to see you maybe in C-burg. Take care.

  2. Hi Beth,
    What a cute puppy!!!
    I love lilacs, but around our area they seem to be plagued with powdery mildew. Guess from the very high humidity here.
    I will check out this new one, though!

  3. Hi Beth - so nice to see you yesterday! You are doing great work on your rug - keep it up and go with your instincts - You are doing beautifully! Oh my goodness - that Ellie is just too cute for words! I want to give her a hug! I have a feeling she will be spoiled rotten!

  4. Beth, You asked about books from the library. I Don't download them online, I just order from the online catalog and then go pick them up. I love listening to books on CD while hooking or weaving or even doing dishes. LOL!
    I think our library has something called an 'electronic resource' (and there are other websites, too) where you can download books, but I don't have an ipod or whatever other device it takes to do that.
    Take care! Hope to see you soon!


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