Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well... today is gray and dreary and misty! Good for the grass we just planted but not good for the spirits!!! I do love fall its my favorite time of the year! The clear sunny days .. the blue skies and the white puffy coulds.... the changing of the leaves... the crisp evenings with the smell of woodsmoke in the air.... its delightful!! But I dont care for what comes after fall and that is winter... we never get snow anymore its just cold and dreary and rainy!! I wouldnt mind it but it is to long!! After christmas Im ready for spring!! Oh well at least I get to enjoy all four seasons and appreciate the beginning and ending of each one! :D The ornamental grasses are getting so beautiful right now! Some have their plumes on while others are just getting ready to burst out!! The older I get the more I appreciate these grasses!! They look good in the summer and in the fall and you can even leave them up during the winter after they have dried out to add interest to your landscape... especially if we get a snow its especially pretty on the grasses! They are easy to grow and are like iron and beautiful accents to your garden... stay green in the driest hottest days of summer and when the wind blows through them they are so delicate and flutter nicely in the breeze!! If you dont have any ornamental grasses in your yard ... run dont walk to your nearest nursery and get some... there should be still some left as they start putting them out at the end of summer!! So plant now and start to enjoy... but in a couple of short years they will be exceptional!! Now is a good time to start cleaning up your garden for the winter.... put some fresh mulch or compost down.... I like to shred leaves with the mower and put around all my bushes and perennials as winter protection especially if you have areas that the wind whips around your bushes or trees it protects them well and breaks down and feeds the soil around your plants!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its been so long since I posted and I apologize!! Have been busy cleaning out the concession stand at school and getting it ready for the upcoming sports seasons!! My garden is starting to look sad and fall in creeping in! The plants look faded and some are dried out and some just are not producing flowers anymore as it is the end of their life span!! I hate to see the garden die out... I think I need to think about some fall plantings for next year... mums , asters, some more ornamental grasses etc..... the herbs still look good and taste good!! I need to get out into the yard sometime today and start pulling up the old plants and putting them on the compost pile! The bees are going crazy.... Ive noticed this time of year they are aggressive and fly all around you, Im not sure why or what their problem is... but maybe my sister Jill will know? leave a comment if you do!! :D Iam helping to set up and decorate at my cousins wedding this weekend... its going to be outside.. I will try to remember to take some pictures... the weather looks like it will be top notch!! Remember: if you leave up your flower stalks and butterfly bushes and ornamental grass it will give the birds some food and additional places to hide over this winter... and will add a little interest to your garden for the upcoming winter months... if they get covered in snow its and especially pretty sight!! (thats if we ever get snow anymore)!!

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