Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stunning Daylily Collection

Coal Tit - Pine Percher - Explored!
Happy 2011 and hopefully this will be a better blogging year for me and a better year in general!! The LORD has been good to our family this year and has provided... hopefully my husband will get another flying job soon... luckily he has been working with my brother in law doing home construction and additions etc... he enjoys working with him and says he learns something new everyday!! Hopefully all my blogging friends will not keel over with surprise that Im actually blogging today.. setting here with a delicious cup of green tea and enjoying the warm wood stove!! Im really starting to miss Spring and the growing season... Im cooking up some new ideas with flowers and thinking of making a bigger vegatable garden this year... and I had so many delicious herbs last summer and didnt preserve any of them.. my bad.. this year Im going to make that a priority.. I had a very big clump of lemongrass.. smelled delightful tasted wonderful and I let is die with the first hard frost.. hopefully Trayers will have another start for me this spring... I saw it the grocery store (McCormicks) and for a few very tiny pieces if was close to $7.00!!!!!! Highway robbery!! LOL!! Im going to enlarge my succulant garden this this year its getting to be a pretty nice size... the older I get the more I love them... Trayers also has a nice selection of succulents to choose from... she always has lots of different things the mainline stores dont carry.. she also has a huge selection of coleus.... the most beautiful around!! I would like to start a small knot garden.. but we are thinking of putting the house on the market in that may have to wait till the next place!! I hate to leave all my perennials.. but I guess a new slate would be cool too...! Does anyone else have some dreams for the upcoming growing season?? Im sure you do! But for the time being get out those seed books and gardening books and set back and be an armchair gardener and Spring will be here before you know it!!

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