Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well its been awhile since I've posted... winter is a hard time to talk about flowers.... but we shouldnt forget them!! Before you know it spring will be here with its light warm breezes and the smell of fresh green earth! GOD has been so good during this winter season so far.. and the snow was so beautiful and will help our perennials and bushes and trees and grass... the water the earth needs will be supplied because of the snow!!, yesterday I saw some sweet little birds taking a bath in the snow.. all the water was frozen so they were smart enough to use the snow GOD blessed them with!! Soon it will be time to prune those trees and bushes I would wait until the middle of February... but remember do not trim the bushes that will flower as you will cut off the soon to be flower if you do!! As soon as the bush is finish flowering in the spring you can trim then before new buds set for the following year.. so remember to trim right after blooming!! Remember to fertilize your house plants as they will need the extra boost.. due to the dry air in the house as Im sure we are all running our heating systems at full blast!! Mist them at least once a week with water!! This will make them happy also!! Get out your gardening books and a nice cup of hot tea or coffee... and dream of the beautiful gardens you will have in the spring... plan now and order those seeds now so you will be ready for the first kiss of spring!!


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