Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Its been so long.... sorry... Its been a very dry summer so far... lots of my flowers have dried up and the ones that are not are stunted in their growth... one good thing is I found a lot of deeply discounted flowers, trees and bushes .. people I guess are not buying as much or its the economy or the very hot, hot summer has caused people to not want to be outside!! I go out and try to rescue some of the plants with a little water... keeps them alive if nothing else! Later I will show some pictures of some of the discounted stuff I bought... perennials... they dont look great but I bet next year they will be beautiful.. there is always next year! ;) Ive been working on my rug hooking (a miracle) and have been really enjoying it!! I have not been to grant street alot this summer but hope to get up their soon.... its so much fun when you take the time to go!! Im working on my bunny and carrot rug designed by Pat Wenger ( talented artist extraordinaire)!! .. even though she wouldnt admit it.. shes way to humble!! Michael my son has gotten his first job this summer working at Leitersburg Cinemas.. they have re-opened and are renovating the theatres.. they now offer dinner and a movie.. in wonderful reclining padded seats with trays..... they offer... live music beforhand featuring local talent... dinner.. dessert and coffee and unlimited popcorn and drink...I believe the prices range from $20.00-$30..00 per person... both nights (friday and saturday) have been sold out so far!! He also got his drivers license this summer.. so things are changing in my household!! (not sure if I like it yet)!!My puppy Ellie is doing great.. she is so good and full of fun.. have to watch her though she is sooo friendly she wants to visit any neighbors she sees hears etc....she is also very smart!! My kitties are doing good.. they dont like the heat so much.. so they are finding shade under the bushes and trees!! needless to say they are sleeping all day! As for me Im outside lamenting over the dried flowers and cracked earth.....!!! But the coneflowers, russian sage and they daylilies dont seem to mind the heat.. though the lilies leaves are dried the flowers still look good.... they bloom once and are going dormant whereas when it rains they have succesive blooms.. I guess its back to the drawing board .. planning on my lush gardens for next year... and just enjoy the few blooms I do have!! GOD is good and he knows whats best for us all!!! Till next time (which I hope is soon)!! Stay cool and enjoy the beauty GOD provides every day!!


  1. Hi Beth - good to see you post - Long time no see - Way back when (we are talking months ago) I brought those Wool STreet Journals I promised i would bring for you to look at - keep forgetting to tell you they are at Grant St - I think everyone else have looked thru them! Anyway they are there for your borrowing and viewing pleasure! Sounds like you are having a great summer! Oh boy your son has a license - must be a scary feeling for you as a Mom! Take care and hope your gardens grow!

  2. Hey Beth!!!! So good to see you posting. I have thought about you a lot this summer and the heat and how it has affected your outside gardening. I'm sure it is heart wrenching for as much as you enjoy it. Look forward to seeing your prospects for next year that you bought..I know with your green thumb, they will be beauties!
    Can't wait to see you at Grant Street sometime soon. WE miss you!!


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